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Andrea Daniel, originally from Nova Scotia, attended the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at Mount Allison University. Her work has been featured in many art shows and at events across Canada and the United States.

She uses her signature style to bring her pieces to life. Her ability to capture the likeness and intricacies of her subjects has garnered her high profile commissions and international recognition.

Andrea lives in Toronto with her biggest supporters, husband Gareth and daughters Riley and Ava.



From the time I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be an artist, perhaps because I colour outside the lines. I love capturing live, vivid moments and making them 'charcoal still', creating lasting memories.


Life has its twists and turns, and I have done my share of things to make ends meet, all the while longing to follow my dreams.  I am now fortunate enough to be a full time artist and I pour my heart into it.

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